Delusionists - The Prolusion

A few posts back I put you onto Delusionists' Trunk Rattle. Now, Benny Black, the outfit's rapper and producer, has reached out and it transpires there's a Delusionists EP which you can get your grubby mitts on - gratis!

It's a compilation of tracks that've been knocking about that will satiate your appetites before Delusionists serve up some more goodness. The starter before the main course, if you like. If you don't download this, you're really missing out. The Prolusion is better than most hip hop you're buying right now, so wake up.

What's more, Mr. Black, like me, has just set up a blog - Beats Laying About - that's ready to go just as soon as you lot start supplying the goods. So get on it. Until then, enjoy Delusionists' The Prolusion.

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