ReggiiMental and Unfriendly Neighbours - Grown Ups (feat. Emma Louise)

If you're feeling like a haggard old-ass head and want to reminisce about the days when you weren't a grown up moaning over nothin', then you might want to fling on (can you fling on an mp3?) ReggiiMental and Unfriendly Neighbours' Grown Ups. If not, you may want to listen to it anyway because it's heavy, even if you're not aged and bitter - I imagine.

Big, reggae vibe that will suit this summer perfectly.

ReggiiMental and Unfriendly Neighbours - Grown Ups

Got threads?

British clothing brand Craig Markus has got some very fresh looking threads in its collection. Apparently X Factor's very own JLS wore Craig Markus garments on the show, but don't let that dissuade you because some of these designs are flyer than flying things.

Take a look for yourself at the website
to see what it's all about and find out where your nearest supplier resides at.

Can I have a hoody now?

Delusionists - The Prolusion

A few posts back I put you onto Delusionists' Trunk Rattle. Now, Benny Black, the outfit's rapper and producer, has reached out and it transpires there's a Delusionists EP which you can get your grubby mitts on - gratis!

It's a compilation of tracks that've been knocking about that will satiate your appetites before Delusionists serve up some more goodness. The starter before the main course, if you like. If you don't download this, you're really missing out. The Prolusion is better than most hip hop you're buying right now, so wake up.

What's more, Mr. Black, like me, has just set up a blog - Beats Laying About - that's ready to go just as soon as you lot start supplying the goods. So get on it. Until then, enjoy Delusionists' The Prolusion.

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Whatever happened to...Scorzayzee?

I remember when Out Da Ville were one of the major crews to keep tabs on, before Low Life hit its stride with High Plains Drifter and Biro Funk. Whilst Karizma, Lee Ramsay, Tempa and C-Mone were all very talented MCs, it was Scorzayzee that was the stand out, for me at least. The man was the full package: great voice, effortless flow, scathing lyricism and that Notts accent rounded it all off lovely. Bags of talent. His MySpace suggests a project (Final Destination) may be on its way, but there's no mention of when or even if. Scope his profile for the dope - but certainly not new - Want What's Yours and Great Britain. I definitely haven't heard Why I'm Here before and it's both menacing and...well, very good.

I want to hear Scorzayzee again. And I know I can't be the only one.

Need proof Scorz can rap? Just press play.

Tea Sea Records

Tom Caruana's got a lovely little site for his label Tea Sea Records. Head over to get your copy of his new album with Elemental, Rebel Without Applause.

That's not all. TC's a busy, busy man and there's a wealth of heavy music courtesy of his fair hands. Sign up for free music, members only downloads, artwork and general online goodness. This guy's got beats for days, months and years. Do not sleep, you lazy tikes.

Personal recommendation: Boiler Room Collective Mixtape. It's huge and is currently pissing off the hip hop prudes I call housemates. Shame.

Beit Nun & Ill Skilz - Colours

Beit Nun and Ill Skilz have put in work with their Colours LP. You can get yourself a copy on MP3, but the CD's sold out - too late!

If you've got a fiver, head over to Amazon

Beit Nun & Ill Skilz - As It Is

Beit Nun & Ill Skilz - The Music

That's me for the day.


DJ Matman - Fresh Cuts Radio April Mix

DJ Matman's a 2005 DMC Supremacy champ, as well a...look, he's got accolades for days and is serving up a monthly mix on Fresh Cuts Radio. Tracklist for this April:

01. Matman & Daredevil (Brothas Grimm) – Fresh Cuts Radio Intro
02. Black Milk – Love at 1st Mic (instrumental)
03. Cymarshall Law ft. Supastition & Skit Slam – The Truth
04. Kyza – Sin City
05. Focus ft. Slum Village, Frank Nitty & Illa J – Homage to Dilla
06. Focus ft Royce Da 5 9, Phonte & Skit Slam – Homage to Premier
07. DJ Daredevil & ToussaintShitlib (instrumental)
08. 3 Amigos – Stand Up & Fight
09. The Diamond District – Who I Be
10. Profisee & Esprom – Zoning
11. Jack Flash – The Warning
12. Bunadutch– Shakedown
13. Rebs – Sing (inst.)
14. Harvey Wallbangers – Ask Me
15. Statik Selektah & Termanology ft. Lil Fame of M.O.P – Thugathon
16. Doom – Gazzilion Ear
17. Dabrye – Air (instrumental)
18. Ghostface Killah & Doom – Chinatown Wars

Fill your gluttonous hard drive, you greedy bastards!

777 - Septimal

I'm not here to review albums as music is subjective and too many people are formulaic with their descriptions. I don't want to be another one of those people.

777's Septimal sounds fuego to me and I'm going to be putting my copy straight on the Pod.

You can get a hold of it for 7 notes

Check 777's MySpace for a taster

And here are a couple of select tracks, because I'm nice like that:

777 - Standouts (feat. Sonny Jim)

777 - The Double Up (feat. Dan Bull)

Ramson Badbonez - weekly downloads

The TaskForce prodigy has been serving up free weekly dubs for a little while now. Below are links for all he's done so far (sans Back to Front, as I can't work out how to download that fecker). For me, the Here Today Gone Tomorrow dub is what's what. I love that beat more than I love my own mum!

Shake This dub

Don't Talk The Talk

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

In The Pub (ft. Teef)

MC Iz My Ambition

DJ IQ - Pimp My Mix

Pimp your iPod with this nice freebie courtesy of DJ IQ. I haven't had a chance to listen yet as I'm holed up with swine influenza. Did someone say bacon?

DJ IQ - Pimp My Mix

Peep the man's own internetsitewebpage

Lowkey - Licence to Kill

Never one to bite his tongue, Lowkey has just released this in response to police brutality, and the death of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of the fuzz, during the G20 protests.

Rupert - Just Woke Up

Just got this through the post; Rup returns with a name change and a second LP. I remember when Rup on Zebra was being put together by the good chaps at Zebra Traffic and Tru Thoughts when I was their token tea boy. I didn't get a chance to pick up a promo copy as I moved to pastures new before it dropped, but that's neither here nor there.

There's an electro vibe to this album and that's a good thing as it doesn't sound like anything else anyone on the scene's making. Production is handled by Steve Clear, Diaclectic, Naim, Evil Sun and Bonobo, and benefits from its eclecticism.

You can cop a copy for £3.50 on download, or get a hard copy for £6.50. (includes a 7" by Naim and some sweets. Sweet!) See for yourself:

Rupert on MySpace

Rupert - Night Night (feat. Moocha)


Saturday night at the Pangea Project (see below) was live. Dubbledge and Parky tore it down as expected, but it was Brotherman, who played before them, that made an impression on me.

The man's got skills and can sing as well as rap. He dropped The Dark/The Light on Silent Soundz at the end of last year and I recommend you check it out.

For now:

Brotherman - Tale From The UK (feat. Stranger)

Also, check out Brotherman's MySpace

Number 1

Speaking of Nubz, Dappy, the crew's frontman, is currently on a track with Tinchy Stryder called Number 1 and it's a big success. At least by any conventional measure.

Now, although you know how I feel about Nubz, I haven't got a problem with Tinchy's music per se. I'm not that familiar with it, but I've heard him spit over some pretty tough beats (if you're thinking "why is he talking about a grime artist? I thought this was a hip hop blog." That's a whole nother debate and I'm sure we'll get to that). Let's just say he has redeeming qualities.

I'm not sure why numbers are the measure for success, though. In the States it's all about first week sales since Fiddy came on the scene and over here it's about getting that coveted number 1 spot. Dizzee's Dance Wiv Me is a case in point. I have the utmost respect for Dyl and his music, but that song is a steaming pile of turd. Since when did having the whole country's Key Stage 3 on lock for a week become the measure for success over releasing consistent and great music to a fanbase that loves your artistry?


You's a hater

I'm not sure when I was unfortunate enough to come by these jokers, but every once in a while this country churns out a hip hop/urban/rap/wot du call it? act (a fitting word in this case) that stinks of shit. I mean, come on. Invariably they're commercially viable - in the UK at least - and seem to come out of nowhere.

I always feel embarrassed when I come across Yanks doing these saccahrine ballads, auto-tune cry wanks and unconvincing showboating, but when English people do it they just look like twee cunts. Either part of you dies inside when you see/hear this stuff, or you can turn it on its head and see it as some of the most satisfying comedy there is. So, without futher adue, I present to you...N-Dubz. Pffft.

These guys aren't the first and certainly won't be the last; there are some more names to be named, but we'll get to them in due course.

By the way, their album is out now and is titled Uncle B which, incidentally, is the nickname for my bowel. I'd rather spend a tenner on some nails to make a bed with, though.

Mr Ti2bs - Blood, Sweat & Tears

What with the credit crun...nah, we're all sick of hearing that nonsense. You can't knock free music without feeling guilty, though. Thank you Ti2bs.

Mr Ti2bs - Blood, Sweat and Tears

Big Ti2bs dropped a heavy album a couple years back too:

Pick up Nobody's Perfect from Disorda

R.I.P Low Life Records

First of all, forgive me, I'm playing catch up here. I've already admitted that I've fallen out the loop when it comes to British hip hop and that was part of my reason for starting UK All Day. Aside from the fact I couldn't see anyone had the blog angle covered and that I wanted to give some of the few, yet great, artists I had heard some shine, I wanted to get back in that loop.

I'm not sure how I missed it or when it happened, but I found this on every lazy journalist's favourite resource:

"Low Life Records was an independent record label promoting UK hip hop music. It was founded in Leeds by Joseph Christie and Tomas Stewart, before being relocated to West London by Christie. The label came to an abrupt end when Braintax announced his sudden retirement to UK Hip-Hop after releasing his third and final album, the fiftieth release of the label. He now resides in Australia."

Oh. So the biggest label in the country for hip hop is caput? Low Life had a great run and has one of the best backcatalogues there is. It's up to the internet generation to fill that gap now, no?

I better go buy that third Braintax album now to complete the trilogy.


And to that end:

Big video from Dubble Dubble.

And an even bigger record.

Dubbledge - Smile

Richest Man In Babylon in stores now

Don't stay in...

If you're in London this Saturday, then get yourself down to the Pangea Project in Stokie for Dubbledge and Micall Parknsun. It's free before 10, people, so you just need beer money and some change to top up your Oyster card, or to get a taxi if you're rolling big like that. You can't say fairer than that.

Peep the link for the locale

DJ IQ and Asaviour - The A Loop Theory

I'll admit that I've not been following the scene for longer than a minute and I've got to get back on my BS. DJ IQ and Asaviour dropped in the last couple weeks with The A Loop Theory.

If you like what you hear, use the Google tool to cop a copy, or the individual tracks you like on a "my wallet's bruk" recession tip. Either way, support UK hip hop if that's what you want in your ears. Got that?

DJ IQ and Asaviour - Gather Round ft. Jehst

DJ IQ and Asaviour - De Ja Vu ft. Graziella

Let the trunk trunk rattle

Maybe it should be let the boot boot rattle, or maybe that's just nit-picking. Either way, this knocks...hard.

"You're so Primark, I'm so Maharishi."

Enter Delusionists.

The Delusionists - Trunk Rattle

Check The Delusionists on MySpace


Welcome people. I just want to set the precedent. If you're like me then you love hip hop, and that includes hip hop from the UK. I don't believe the blog has replaced more traditional media outlets for getting hold of music and music news, but this format does offer things that, say, magazines can't. I simply want to promote hip hop from these shores so that you lot out there can make informed decisions about what's the next thing, and what it is you want, so your next tenner is well spent. I'll try and give exposure to artists that need and deserve it and endeavour to work with established labels to get their artists' music seen and heard. It will take some time to gain momentum, but in due course this will be the place to stop by for your fix of everything hip hop in the UK.

UK All Day, baby!