Trellion - Yup (Video)

"There's a skill in giving this little fuck, sweg level on a trillion."

Sonnyjim - Live @ The Bonanza (prod. Micall Parknsun) (Video)

What's fucking with this? Not a lot. Sonnyjim and Micall Parknsun are Live @ The Bonanza. Be sure to cop a copy of the EP for four bunters when you're done watching the video for the title track. 

VVV - Anguish Gang (Video)

If you haven't already happened upon Cappo's latest project, VVV, well this is about as good an introduction as any. Capps, Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage are the triumvirate and are just as happy riding the quantized hi-hats and claps of Anguish Gang as they are tackling the more classic feel of Tripple VVV, which, incidentally, you can download for a reasonable £299.95.

Danny Seth - I Arise Because (Video)

This is tough. Danny Seth is on a mission to crack the States with his forthcoming album, Perception. Selling snow to eskimos comes to mind, but with tunes like this, a bent for contemporary production and a post-Drake delivery, he may have a decent chance of whipping up some attention over the pond. 

Lee Scott - Don't Make Me (prod. Dirty Dike) (Video)

Here's another cut off Lee Scott and Dirty Dike's Butter Fly set, in which Dike channels his inner DJ Muggs for the beat and the pair set off in their astro whip with chicks ahoy. 

Ramson Badbonez - Thanks To You (Video)

Ramson reunites with the Boot Records camp for his forthcoming Silva Surfa project, produced by Jazz T and Zygote. The LP is up for pre-order now